Stress Inventory

Stress Inventory

The following quiz is designed to help you identify the ways in which you cope with stress and how you can better manage daily anxieties. People have different ways of adjusting to their environment as well as reacting to the stresses around them. Because environments vary, we forget to consider our own behavior and how we react to unfamiliarity.

This quiz is a “self-discovery” oriented exercise. Your results will help you identify the ways you deal with daily stresses and will provide constructive ways to cope with them. This exam contains 22 questions with subjects surrounding mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

1. I ignore my own needs and just work harder and faster.

2. I seek out friends for conversation and support.

3. I eat more than usual.

4. I engage in some type of physical exercise.

5. I get irritable and take it out on those around me.

6. I take a little time to relax, breath, and unwind.

7. I smoke a cigarette or drink a caffeinated beverage.

8. I confront my source of stress and work to change it.

9. I withdraw emotionally and just go through the motions of my day.

10. I change my outlook on the problem and put it in a better perspective.

11. I sleep more than I really need to.

12. I take some time off and get away from my working life.

13. I go out shopping and buy something to make myself feel good.

14. I joke with my friends and use humor to take the edge off.

15. I drink more alcohol than usual.

16. I get involved in a hobby or interest that helps me unwind and enjoy myself.

17. I take medicine to help me relax or sleep better.

18. I maintain a healthy diet.

19. I just ignore the problem and hope it will go away.

20. I pray, meditate, or enhance my spiritual life.

21. I worry about the problem and am afraid to do something about it.

22. I try to focus on the things I can control and accept the things I can’t.

Evaluate your results:

As an entrepreneur you need to congratulate yourself for the even-numbered items you selected. The even items tend to be more constructive tactics and are positive ways to cope with your stress. Review all of the even numbered items again and look at these statements as skills you can use when coping with stresses.

As an entrepreneur you need to think of your odd-numbered items you selected as less constructive tactics for coping with stress. Business is not easy work. If you want to succeed, you need to adapt to new skills and learn how to control unrealistic thoughts and over reactive feelings. If you marked a lot of odd numbers you may want to seek additional counseling.


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