Success Stories


Jinan Mousa

Before TYO I had no business, no production, and no network at all. I had never been to Bethlehem and Ramallah. Traveling outside of Nablus is a big deal for women given how difficult it is to navigate the country. TYO and WISE II was with me along the way and guided me through the process. I had the opportunity to build trust with TYO because my children are enrolled in the Child CORE program. Because my husband and family trusted TYO, when I presented my business idea to them they were supportive and gave me their blessing. My family knows if I succeed they, too, will succeed.

After completing the WISE program, I felt more confidence in myself to speak more confidently in front of my husband and family. I loved meeting women through WISE that have similar businesses as mine. This allowed to create a network and meet colleagues in my field. After my apprenticeship program, my mentor brought me new customers. Also, I my mentor taught me that I was using very traditional colors and designs for my products. She showed me other color combinations, different ways to make my embroidery, and how to focus on people’s needs and tastes.




Before WISE my project before was very small and just at the very beginning stages.  I had no customers and no network. Through WISE I increased my products and accessed more customers through my Facebook page. I absolutely loved SEC’s business plan and financial training. Before WISE I had never even thought about branding and marketing, I used to lose track of all my expenditures and income. Now I obsessively write down everything. I feel so confident about my business now because I see my profit. On a personal level, my self-confidence is much better. Before TYO I never had a chance to talk about my business. I would always stutter and turn red. I never had the courage to go out and talk about my project. Now, when I speak I no longer stutter. WISE II at TYO is best group I ever met and I miss you all!



Fida' Hamarsheh

I had a good business before TYO. However, participating at WISE II helped me realize I had very traditional ways of teaching my children and that I had new techniques to learn. WISE II also taught me to shift my mentality in how I approach children. I also learned how to create a network and how to do financial and budgeting plan. The program is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it to any woman in Palestine who seeks to advance their business. I am proud to contribute to my national economy and contribute to Palestine as a whole. Through marketing and branding, I learned important things like what colors to use and how a specific color can represent your mission and school. As women we need to present ourselves in exhibitions and be with the group. The occupation makes life difficult. WISE II helped us be more self-confident, more independent, not to rely on others. We can go outside our cocoons to learn and give more.