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How can I get access to capital?

Bank of Palestine (Arabic site):

Bank of Palestine logoThe Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) (Arabic version) loan program aims to develop new and existing SMEs and to support productive projects in Palestine – specifically, projects that have a great impact on alleviating unemployment, create job opportunities and contribute to economic development.

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Cairo Amman Bank:

cairo-amman-bank logoCairo Amman Bank offers several options for small and middle entrepreneurs. (Arabic site)

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Ryada for Lending and Financial Services (Arabic site):

Ryada LogoRyada specializes in giving loans to small, developing businesses in Palestine. Ryada finances existing projects to increase the value of the project or to improve upon the existing project. Ryada targets the owners of small and very small ventures.

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Palestine for Credit and Development – FATEN (Arabic site):

faten logoFaten provides diversified, sustainable and high-quality financial services for entrepreneurs of small and micro enterprises, pioneers and economically active low-income individuals. Faten works especially with women in order to contribute to the empowerment of the Palestinian family and the development of the Palestinian society. Faten offers an array of loans that specifically target entrepreneurs including: Group Loan, Family Loan, Young Investor’s loan, and Grow with us Loan.

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AsASALA logoala is a Palestinian development organization that contributes to the empowerment of Palestinian women with lower income to enable them to change their economic and social conditions. Asala is divided into two components: 1) Asala, The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association: addresses the main challenges faced by Palestinian women and 2) Asala for Credit and Development provides financial services to women entrepreneurs.

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Reef Finance (Arabic site):

Reef Finance works specifically with the Palereef finance logostinian rural areas by providing them with microfinance opportunities and loans. They work with cooperatives, farmers, agro processors and small businesses. These rural businesses can then use these loans to further their agricultural venture to purchase machines and equipment.

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The National Bank (Arabic site):

the national bank palestine logoThe National Bank offers a Microfinance loan for entrepreneurs.

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Arab Bank (Arabic site):

Arab Bank LogoArab Bank works with international consultancy houses to give the chance for small and medium business owners in Palestine to use facilitated credit to start, improve, and support their businesses.

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