BWF Conducts a Series of Workshops in Nablus Benefiting WISE

Flyer Ad – a Nablus based company which designs, manufactures and distributes promotional materials such as leaflets, flyers, business cards and other print advertisements – was launched in May 2011. To bring my business to fruition I participated in programs including TYO’s Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in Nablus project, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s Mentor/Mentee program, Small Enterprise Center’s Business Development Training and Systematic Training for Initiating and Creating Enterprises, as well as Business Women’s Forum’s (BWF) Business Development Training. As a participant of Women’s Incubation Services for Entrepreneurs (WISE), TYO has continued to encourage me to seek out opportunities to participate in meetings, classes, conferences and other development programs. To meet this goal I signed up for the series of workshops BWF conducted at TYO.

I have been registered as a member of BWF for a year-and-a-half and in this period have benefited a lot from their workshops and trainings. In the series of training they held over November and December 2012, they covered topics like advocacy, creating a work-life balance, and social media.

The workshop on advocacy helped participate learn how to connect with our target customers, peers, and other  business leaders that can help us promote our business. During this training participants and BWF also collectively made a business directory using all of our personal and professional networks.

The workshop on creating a work-life balance was my favorite, and included information on how to set goals, creating implementation plans to achieve those goals, how to practically balance our businesses and our daily life (family, friends, and selves), all while managing our time well.

I am anticipating the upcoming training on social media next month, as this will help me and other businesswomen better understand the many uses of social media in making our businesses more successful. Thank you BWF for your continued support of businesswomen in Palestine!

Stay tuned for more updates on the conclusion of the BWF workshops next month!

Sahar is a participant of WISE.

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