WISE Profile: Nour Kharim

WISE Profile: Nour Kharim

Joining TYO through our WISE program, Nour Kharim, 29, is working hard to make her humble project into a successful business.

Nour graduated from An-Najah University in 2006 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. The idea for her project began in her classes where she studied the detrimental effects of processed materials on the human body and the benefits of natural substances. It was here that she decided not only to make natural products in order to start her own business, but also to help the people of Palestine and, in June 2011, her project began. The products of her company, Nour – olive oil soap, hair oil treatment, cream, and more – are all made from 100% natural products. Nour is the first manufacturer of creams made of natural materials in Palestine. Working from her room at home, she get her raw materials from different markets from Jenin to Ramallah. With a growing market in Palestine, products being sold in Saudi Arabia and, once she has her seller’s license, a wholesale buyer in Dubai, Nour is slowly but surely making a name for herself.

After finding out about the WISE program though SEC (Small Enterprise Center), Nour’s interest prompted her to join right away. After joining WISE she not only has a business plan, but also has gone through many trainings and English courses.

She stated the top three areas of growth that she would like to see in herself in the coming years as being:

  1. Stronger command of the English language
  2. Becoming a better business woman
  3. Ability to take on more responsibility to prepare her for having a large company

On top of having the drive to succeed, she has a strong family base for support. Ever since her project began as an idea, they have encouraged her to make it a reality. She added that the best piece of advice she’s gotten that has always resonated with her came from her family.

They told me that I must do something I really want, something close to me. They encouraged me to have my own business, saying it’s better to work hard and create something I love than go and work for a company you don’t. Start small, work from home, and slowly, make it big.

With her determination, hard work, and all natural products coming out in a world where we are focusing more on healthy living, Nour is surely a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to updating you on her progress as well as her process as she makes it big.

Lila is a Fall 2012 intern.

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