WISE Profile: Hanin Mletat

WISE Profile: Hanin Mletat

A new member to TYO via the WISE program is Hanin Mletat, 25. From Beit Furik, a village near Nablus, she studied nursing at Al Rawada College graduating in 2008. Despite this, nursing was never something she loved and decided that instead she wanted to have her own nursery. Called Mashtel Noor Al Huda, she will grow flowers and trees for people to buy as decoration in their homes. Eventually, she plans to open up her own flower and tree shop as well. Unlike other nurseries, she will have a diverse selection of flowers, at least twelve different kinds.

Wanting a good business plan and experience before starting her project, she turned to her sister, Aya, who recommended the WISE program, as she is also a member. Hoping to achieve her objective, Hanin works tirelessly to have the proper training and learn as much as she can. Doing this in order to avoid future challenges, such as advertising, she works hard everyday and attends as many seminars and trainings as she can in order to make the launch of her nursery as smooth as possible.

With her family behind her, supporting her 100% of the way, as well as people in her neighborhood always encouraging her to do her best and make her project a booming business, Hanin is working hard to make sure she fulfills, not just everyone else’s expectations, but her own.

When asked the top three areas of growth she would like to see in herself in the coming years, she stated:

  1. more confidence
  2. professionalism
  3. interpersonal skills

She also stated that the best advice she received came from her mother:

If you have a good idea, make it real. Don’t just think about it. Make it happen.

Thinking ahead and working hard to have a strong business plan, Hanin will surely have the most beautiful as well as successful nursery in all Beit Furik and Nablus. Make sure to stay tuned and follow her progress with WISE.

Lila is a Fall 2012 intern.

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