Meet Wala'a

Meet Wala’a

Wala’a Omar, 20 years old, is from Deir al-Hatab a small village near Nablus, Palestine, and is currently studying Sociology at An-Najah National University. Wala’a enjoys writing, dancing and reading. Wala’a is a Youth Action Local Leadership Alliance (YALLA) participant, a youth-led civic engagement program for youth ages 12-21. We sat down with Wala’a to learn more about her and her initiative, Kids’ Park in Deir al-Hatab. 

How did you hear about Tomorrow’s Youth Organization and YALLA?

Actually, my sister has been volunteering at TYO since 2011 in the Core Program and she told me about this amazing place. After a while, I came to TYO and became one of the volunteers in the Core Program myself. Throughout my voluntary work at TYO, l heard about YALLA and without any hesitation I filled out an application.

What’s your initiative?

It’s called Kids’ Park in Deir al-Hatab. In my village, there isn’t any safe playgrounds for kids to play at or to do any other activities. My initiative aims to provide a safe space for children, youth and their parents in my village. Additionally, this park will be unique because it will not only serve Deir al-Hatab, but also two other nearby villages who also lack any type of play area for their children.

Did you expect to be one of the three winners and that your initiative would be chosen for funding?

I expected to be one of the three winners, because my initiative helps in solving a very serious problem. My initiative serves the most sensitive target group in our community, which are children. In addition to that, it will serve kids from other villages. My initiative will give the kids a the chance to have better childhoods with their siblings and friends.

What are you studying and how will this help you in implementing your project?

I am studying Sociology. It helps me know more about children and what they need at various stages in their life. As a student of Sociology, I believe that if we want to develop any community, we should focus on its core – the children.

Do you think your initiative will help in solving the kid’s problem in your town?

Yes, definitely. My initiative will solve this problem and I’m sure when we finish the project the results will be fantastic. The kids will love the park and this park will be a part of their childhood memories. I can’t wait for the opening!


Mohammad is a YALLA Communications Officer

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