Ritu Sharma of Women Thrive Worldwide on the Global Status of Women

This week, Ritu Sharma, President and Co-Founder of Women Thrive Worldwide, appeared on CSPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss the organization’s ventures to improve the lives of women worldwide. Additionally, she spoke on the role the U.S. policy plays in this endeavor, and the potentially negative impact of budget cuts to foreign aid. Sharma argues that cuts in foreign aid threaten countries’ stability, especially in nations that are already experiencing turmoil due to poverty and food shortages. Her suggestions for improving this situation via investing in women include women’s economic empowerment, political participation, education and strengthening women’s organizations.

TYO shares in their sentiments for creating change through women and applauds their efforts. Follow the link below to watch Ritu Sharma’s interview in full, and learn more about how Women Thrive Worldwide is working to raise the status of women internationally.

Ritu Sharma on the Global Status of Women

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